Teachers Day Memes Super Funny Images 2019

Teachers Day Memes Super Funny Images 2019

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Indian culture is full of knowledge and good practices, but it lacks something very important, the fun and laughter. Don’t get me wrong, i deeply respect our culture and i am very proud of it, but it always occur to me that we do not have much stories that have laughter in them. This is something that western culture has common. And this page is dedicated to celebrate the teachers day memes and make it a fun thing. But, make sure you do not disrespect your teachers.

Teachers Day Memes Super Funny Images 2019

Before you go on downloading the teachers day memes, let me make it very clear that our intentions are not to make people disrespect their teachers or any such thing. The super funny images that are given below are just for fun, and if you think your teachers will get offended by them, then you should not share them.

teachers day memes

teachers day super funny memes

New Teachers Day 2019 Memes

Teachers day has great significance, as on this day we get the chance to say thank you to our respected teachers who helped us in achieving our goals and made us better human beings. A teacher in the life of a student is like a ray of light, knowledge and wisdom in the dark universe of ignorance.

teachers day super funny images

teachers day funny images

Though the teacher day came into existence in just past few decades, but according to our culture teachers were celebrated and respected not only in schools, but in all other places.

teachers day memes funny images

As the generations are progressing, we are loosing our moral values and hence the status that teachers use to have in earlier times is nor eradicating. The new generation has no gratitude and respect for teachers, and the sad part is that even parents support their children when they do something bad against teacher..

Now with new rules and regulation, teachers are just limited to showing facts and meaningless knowledge to students instead of giving them life lessons.

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